System integrator for control systems and weighing

About Us

SATEC was established in 1991 by employees of former Research Institute of Transport Devices Prague, Division of Automation in Chrudim. Since its origin it has been operating continuously in the field of automation and industrial weighing.

Aim of Activity

  • to provide our customers with complete service in electrical technology, control systems and weighing
  • to make designs and constructional solutions of electrical equipment
  • to provide customized software for control of industrial processes
  • to provide control systems and electrical equipment

Company Structure

  • The company employs a total of twenty highly qualified employees.
  • The company is structured in order to provide the closest possible link to the customer.


SATEC, s.r.o.

Nerudova 439
537 01 Chrudim

Tel.: +420 469 622 026
FAX: +420 469 621 271

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